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Our Commitment to Excellent Service is the Cornerstone of Our Success

We take pride in creating happy customers, which is why we love sharing some of the great things they have to say about their experience working with Dawson Tire & Wheel:

“I like doing business with Dawson because my sales rep, Milthon, is consistent and has the knowledge I need to make sales happen. When I call Milthon I know he’ll either answer my call or call me back very quickly. When I need help with getting specs or technical information, I know he’ll have the answers I need or will be able to get them. Once, I had a customer that was very spec driven. I sent Milthon an email Sunday afternoon (Pacific time) about a customer meeting I had the next morning, asking if he would be available if questions came up. Not only was he available, but he was also able to answer the customer’s questions and get us the supporting documentation within 15 minutes, where it would have taken me hours of digging. I feel like Milthon, and Dawson Tire & Wheel in general, are my partners in the business and want to help me make sales. Everyone is friendly, responsive to my needs, and very supportive. With Milthon, I can tell he’s smiling on the other end of the phone when we talk, that makes me smile and feel confidant about the business we are doing.”

Aaron Hiatt, Pape Machinery — Salem, OR

“I started doing business with Dawson Tire & Wheel after seeing the very professional marketing materials--specifically the flyers that were left at the dealership. After seeing the quality of those, I gave Dawson a shot. Now I do business with Dawson because they are the experts in the agricultural wheels and tires. I call or email Milthon and I know he’ll get back with me quickly and it’ll be what I need. I don’t have to take any time to figure out the best tire for a situation or machine. I trust Milthon to do that and get me what I need quickly. I really feel like Dawson is a partner in the business with me. I know about tractors and hay products but I trust them to possess the knowledge on wheels and tires. I also really like the trade process, it’s always easy and usually very quick. The biggest thing for me is that I don’t have to do a bunch of extra work--so I can worry about managing the store, not trading in tires.”

Jamen Painter, Store Manager of Agri-Service — Fruitland, ID

“Dawson Tire and Wheel has been a tremendous partner in our dealership’s growth. Having spent 20 years in various positions with the major manufacturers--including product engineering, I am a firm believer in 'The right tractor with the wrong tires is the wrong tractor.' Dawson Tire and Wheels helps us make sure that our customers get THE RIGHT TRACTOR. In addition, Dawson Tire and Wheel is quite possibly the most professionally run organization that we do business with. From the attentiveness of the sales people, to the accuracy in billing, and speed to get the tires--Dawson is unmatched! ”

Billy Lawson, President of Lemann's Farm Supply — Donaldsonville, LA

“With all the things that are going on in the world today, it is great to work with people like Chris and everyone that works at Dawson Tire & Wheel in Holly, Michigan. We learned more about tires in the last two weeks, especially the trade-in value on tractor tires. For us it made sense to upgrade to new tires on two of the tractors. Thanks for all the help.”

Denny & Sean Corey, Corey Seed Service — Linden, MI

“A couple of years ago, Chuck Truan came by and we have been customers ever since. We like the competitive prices and attentive service. I can send a text for what we need and get a response quickly. We even point other local farmers to Dawson Tire because we have been so satisfied.”

Nathan Gruehn, Back Roads Farms — Sebewaing, MI

“Dawson deals all across the United States, so they know what tires are better for certain places. And they do that work, so you don’t have to worry about it. You just get the tire and wheel that fits best for your area or for whatever customer you have. It definitely can help the process of turning equipment. It opens it up to more people interested in that tractor. Instead of being 1 out of 10 people looking at that tractor, you can open it up to 10 out of 10 that are looking at that style of tractor.*”

Roger Bender, Wright Stemle (now Hutson Inc.) — Poseyville, Illinois

“Dawson did a great job and exceeded our expectations. They found out the tires we traded were larger than what we thought and gave us more for them than we had originally agreed.*”

Ed Sauder, Kelly Sauder Rupiper Equipment — Streator, Illinois

“Dawson has great knowledge on tires, and not just tires – anybody can know the rubber – but [Dawson knows] what they’re going to be used for and how to put those tires in the right application. A lot of times, I can get a nice tractor that’s coming out of the Dakotas or coming out of Washington or Oregon – get it here, put the right rubber on it and we can sell it right away. In a situation like that, if I didn’t have a partner like Dawson, it would be a lot tougher. You could have three different tires that are the best fit for that tractor depending on what it’s going to be used for, so Dawson asks the right questions to make sure the guy is getting the right tire.*”

Aaron Fintel, 21st Century Equipment — Bridgeport, Nebraska

“I bought a new 6-ply bias sprinkler tire that was made in India last year. It was flat before the season was over. Despite costing about 50% more than bias-ply tires, [Dawson’s] 8-year warranty on my radials makes me think I can’t go wrong.*”

Dave Meyer, farmer — Stratford, Texas

“I am well over 1,000 miles from Dawson, yet I buy all my tires from them. That should say it all.*”

Brad Crist, Shoppas Farm Supply — El Campo, Texas

“Once we chose RhinoGator, we never went back. No more stuck pivots. No more flat tires. Extended life of our gearboxes with no slippage. RhinoGator really solved everything.*”

Farmer — SW Nebraska

“Dawson’s warranty on irrigation tires is something we’ve never seen before. They stand behind their imports, while most companies do not. When we needed to work with their warranty department, it was very easy and they were prompt in coming to a decision that worked for both Dawson and Pierce.*”

Derek Ross, Pierce Corporation — Junction City, Oregon

"Brandon is Top Notch, & I don't have any other Vendor that I can depend on like Dawson!"

Chris Baker, Atlantic Tractor — Queen Anne , MD

"You guys fill a void for the dealers on tires and that is why we call you guys."

David Rose, Shoppas Farm Supply — El Campo , TX

"Johnny took care of me no problem. I would sure recommend you guys but not to my customers because I want to keep those (laughs). I don't have anybody right off the top of my head but any dealers I run across I sure let them know. I give you guys a 9. I didn't get a steak dinner or else you would have gotten a 10!"

Scott Clifford, Knutson Irrigation Design LLC — Yukon, OK

"You all do a good job. I do appreciate everything you do and everything delivered on time. I sure would recommend you if a supplier was to ask!"

Howard Penny, Atlantic & Southern Equipment — Lake City, GA

"Brandon takes good care of us, & he gets back pretty darn quick"!"

Ken Nolt, Deer Country Farm & Lawn Inc. — Allentown, PA

*Individual Results May Vary