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Tractor Tire
Field Service Trucks

Our Solution is Simple.
Let us Come to You

Move Your Equipment Faster, with Fewer Hassles

Operating a fleet of modern, fully-outfitted tire service trucks with a team of TIA certified technicians, we are geared up to bring on-site tire service to you.

Pivot tire flat: no problem. Tractor tire flat in the field: Our specialty! Sprayer tire upgrade: We've got the best. Duals, singles, row crop, floats: Take your pick. Combine re-rubber: Challenge accepted!

Schedule Your Service Call Today: 888.604.3403
Nebraska and Great Plains Scheduling: Request Hector Murguia

Why partner with Dawson Tire?

With our extensive inventory of most farm tire brands and OE wheels on-hand, we will make sure you are taken care of fast and professionally.


Call us with your needs.


We will get you scheduled with a plan of action.


We will come to you, take care of the hard part, shake your hand, and get you up and running/ready to move your equipment.


Rinse and Repeat! Need another job done? We're here for you!