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We have a constant flow of questions coming from our customers. Here we have put together a few educational videos and blog post for you to enjoy. It's now easier than ever to understand the basics of ag tires, and to get in on the action!

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Traction Talk: A Blog About Ag Tires

Written by: Jennifer Rascher 

How to ‘Fish’ in the Ag Tire Industry

Let’s face it... Tires are tires. They aren’t fun, they aren’t sexy, and they definitely are not something that you can bring to the park and stop strangers in their tracks because of how adorable they are. Quite the opposite...

How Do I Choose the Right Brand of Tires?

Generation after generation passes down more than just secrets of success- We pass down a love for all things green, orange, red, blue and more. Our loyalty to brands ranging from John Deere to Kubota to Case IH, is not new to the Agricultural Industry.

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Irrigation Insight 

Curious about modern technology in the irrigation world? Watch our video to learn about the difference between Bias and Radial pivot tires. 

Key Understandings

Bias tires:
-Belt package is put in across the tire bead to bead
-It is a rounded profile
-This tire flexes parallel with the ground

Radial tires:
-Introduced in 2013
-Belt package is applied on radially, meaning around the tire 
-Flat profile
-When this tire flexes, it flexes vertically (this allows less dirt and mud to be pushed out, which creates a wider rut)

Tire Tips:

Please take a moment to browse some of the information prepared by our tire experts to learn more about how tires can affect your equipment and processes:


10 Considerations for Finding the Right Farm Equipment Tires (PDF)

8 Keys to Quality in Ag Tires (PDF)

Field Test: Trelleborg vs. Firestone (PDF)

Tips to Extend Tire Life (PDF)


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