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Dawson Tire & Wheel has been helping keep equipment moving for more than 20 years. We provide the right solutions for commercial equipment based on the demans.
Loads, weather, and site conditions are all factors that come into play ensuring that you have the right tire for your equipment.

Why partner with Dawson Tire & Wheel?


As industry-leading agricultural equipment suppliers, you can rely on us for answers to any tough question your customers might throw at you.

Retail Value Evaluation

We can help you determine the proper retail value for all your farming equipment and supplies, so you'll never lose out on a deal.

Responsive Service

At Dawson Tire & Wheel, we believe responsive service is key to maintaining our partnerships, so we’ve come to perfect this aspect of our service. You’ll always feel like you can rely on us for help.

Inventory Management

You won't have to keep inventory - that's our job - and you'll always have your tires when you need them.

Mobile Tire Press

We have the ability to make changes on-site to keep your operation moving.

Get Service

Dawson has great knowledge on tires, and not just tires – anybody can know the rubber – but [Dawson knows] what they’re going to be used for and how to put those tires in the right application. A lot of times, I can get a nice tractor that’s coming out of the Dakotas or coming out of Washington or Oregon – get it here, put the right rubber on it and we can sell it right away. In a situation like that, if I didn’t have a partner like Dawson, it would be a lot tougher. You could have three different tires that are the best fit for that tractor depending on what it’s going to be used for, so Dawson asks the right questions to make sure the guy is getting the right tire.

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