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Used Ag Tires Trade-In Program

Move Your Equipment Faster, with Fewer Hassles

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We all know tires move equipment, but it takes the right tires to stay productive year-round in Oklahoma . We offer trades for used ag tires and wheels - not just brand-new models. We can accept tires down to 70% of tread from all of our customers.

Nobody knows ag tires like we do, and we're always happy to help. With our comprehensive knowledge and decades of experience, we know which tires are best for your environment and application.

Saving big on used ag tires has never been easier! Just follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Measure the tread on the tires that you want to trade in.
  • 2. Send in your photos of the tires & wheels.
  • 3. Choose the tires & wheels you would like to trade for.
  • 4. Take advantage of the tire trade program & save big time!

"How do I identify quality used ag tires?"

Whether you're looking for replacement tires for your sprayer, tractor, combine or any other machinery, you'll unlikely to find the perfect tire. To help simplify your next purchase, here are common factors that determine tire quality.

Aside from looking at the various speed and load ratings on the sidewall, it can be difficult to tell how good a tire is through an eye test. The best way to know for sure is to contact a knowledgeable expert or manufacturer representative in Oklahoma .

Before calling an experienced professional, a good way to gauge overall tire quality is to check your warranty. Leading manufacturers like Trelleborg, for instance, may offer an 8-year warranty on tractor tires with a 2-year warranty on stubble damage. Trelleborg wouldn't offer such a long warranty program unless they stood behind their craftsmanship.

Our Used Used Ag Tires & Wheel Assemblies - Inspected for Reliability!

Farm equipment operators need to maintain their used ag tires, especially by inflating them properly (keeping appropriate pressures for in the field and on the road) and by operating equipment within the limits of the tires. As long as routine maintenance is performed, tires will almost always outlive their warranties.

At Dawson Tire & Wheel, we bring value to our customers through our extensive knowledge and experience. When we say we live and breathe agriculture, we mean it!

We Accept Used & New Tire Trade-ins with Tread Down to 70%!

Our understanding of which used ag tires are ideal for specific environments, equipment, applications, and terrain can be key to making sure you are getting the most value for your purchase.

These used ag tires are the best deal you're going to find! Contact us today if you have any questions, to place an order or check the availability of a specific model.