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When looking for tractor tires, you have many options locally, in South Carolina , and nationally. Reputable tire dealers won't just try to sell what's left in stock. Instead, they'll recommend different brands and types of tires, as well as rims and accessories, depending on the types of working that you're performing. More tractor tires options can also make the purchase decision confusing. That's why it's important to keep these 10 items in-mind when shopping for tractor tires.

Make & Model

Whether for your tractor, combine, sprayer or any other farm equipment, it's important to identify the proper make and model of the machine. This will narrow-down what tractor tires are most appropriate.

What's Your Application?

Think about how many hours are logged on your machine annually, as well the weather in South Carolina and your typical field conditions. Also, write-down how much weight is typically carried or pulled by your machine. Are you running in row crops, and, if so, what's the row spacing?

What's On Your Machine Now?

Knowing the type of tire that's currently on the farm equipment is beneficial for gaining an understanding of past problems with that set. For instance, are they wearing quickly? Do they cause too much compaction?

How Long Do You Plan to Keep Your Equipment?

Are you close to trading-your combine or tractor? If so, it might be better to invest in used tires that will last until it's time to upgrade your equipment. While higher-end tires will provide a better trade-in value, don't expect to get your money back over the long-term.

How Much Are You Roading Your Tires?

The pavement in South Carolina is rough on tractor tires --- especially wider floatation tires. This means that if you're driving pavement miles each year, you may want to equip skinnier tires that will wear more evenly, last longer and fit the road.

What's Your Budget & Timeframe?

Plan your tire purchases in-advance to get better service and to take advantage of early order pricing or end-of-year deals. It's also wise to pay attention to seasonality in-terms of when you'll be using machinery the most. This also allows time for the tires to ship, especially if they're coming from overseas.

Rims & Wheel Accessories in South Carolina

Oftentimes, your machinery requires more than tractor tires. You may need new rims, hubs, axle extensions or other hardware. Also, ladder extensions are needed when installing different tires on combines, and wider flotation tires on self-propelled sprayers may require wider fenders. Some dealers offer more than tires, while others provide complete packages with the right tires installed on the correct rims, complete with all the proper fenders and other accessories.

What Can You Expect for Customer Service?

Unfortunately, many farmers have had poor experiences with customer service on their tires. Therefore, it's important not only to choose a tire manufacturer that has a solid track record for honoring warranty claims, but also a good dealer that will help you through the warranty claim process.

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