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An informed customer is the best customer! After all, "Helping People Grow" is our motto. 

We have a constant flow of questions coming from our customers. Here we have put together a few educational videos and blog post for you to enjoy. It's now easier than ever to understand the basics of ag tires, and to get in on the action!

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Traction Talk: A Blog About Ag Tires

Minimize impact on your fields and equipment.

Compacting the soil in your fields can cause a dramatic reduction in your crops’ yields. Putting unnecessary strain on your engines can reduce the lifespan of your equipment by many years. These are both costly. They’re also both...

The only way out is through. Until it isn’t.

Because we’re lucky enough to have customers across North America, I travel quite a bit. A few Mondays ago, I made the drive from Gothenburg to the airport in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was supposed to catch a plane to Minneapolis, so I could visit...

Connection is the key to success.

There’s no shortage on advice for how to grow your business. Hundreds of books are published every year. Just as many consultants promise they have the secret and will happily share it with you—for a price. We’re sure you can...

Winning the game of chicken.

We’ve seen a lot of challenging situations over the last twenty-odd years. In fact, we pride ourselves on understanding and overcoming practically any challenge the ag industry throws at us. A while ago, it threw a curveball. We’re...

Gold pricing. Golden Opportunity.

At Dawson Tire and Wheel, we’re always looking to create the best deal possible for our dealers. This spring, that includes gold pricing on select irrigation stock, so your customers can get their equipment moving in the fields. Choose...

Implement a better tire for irrigation.

Water is heavy and sprinklers are heavier. All that weight can easily compact the soil, costing your customers time in equipment adjustment and repairs, as well as money when it comes to a reduction in their yield. A lot of this hassle and loss is...

Implement a better tire for planting season.

Bigger is the new normal. And while bigger is sometimes better, bigger is usually heavier, too — especially when implements are loaded with the additional weight of herbicides, fertilizer and/or seed. In fact, this equipment can cause greater...

Tread lightly. There’s money beneath you.

Once planting season arrives, you need to get into your fields as soon as you can. But there’s a good chance those fields will still be saturated. With regular tires on your equipment, it’s a delicate balance. You need to get out early...

Roll Your Way to a Rebate.

From now until April 30, 2019, you’ll get $125 Visa Prepaid Card for every eligible Trelleborg tire you purchase — up to eight tires. That means you could get up to $1,000 back on tires you needed to buy anyway. And that’s a pretty...

We Want to Hear from You.

I started Dawson Tire & Wheel, because I knew there had to be a better way — for my family, for our farming friends, and for the agriculture industry as a whole. It took a big leap of faith to open the business, but I was passionate about...

Get in Wet Fields with Floats.

Spring is just around the corner. It may not feel like it with lingering cold weather. And the Farmer’s Almanac predicts a later, wetter planting season just like last year. But there’s a way to get into your fields sooner: sprayer...

It’s Harder to Hit Paydirt with Compacted Soil.

Ag equipment has become bigger and heavier over the years. And while that increase in size can increase efficiency over a growing season, it can have a negative impact on crop production due to soil deterioration and increased erosion from the extra...

How to ‘Fish’ in the Ag Tire Industry

Let’s face it... Tires are tires. They aren’t fun, they aren’t sexy, and they definitely are not something that you can bring to the park and stop strangers in their tracks because of how adorable they are. Quite the opposite...

How Do I Choose the Right Brand of Tires?

Generation after generation passes down more than just secrets of success- We pass down a love for all things green, orange, red, blue and more. Our loyalty to brands ranging from John Deere to Kubota to Case IH, is not new to the Agricultural Industry.

Make the Dawson Website Work for You

For over a year now, Dawson Tire & Wheel has worked hard to make its website more user-friendly and information-rich.   The Dawson website is filled with information on the tires and wheels we carry, which makes it a...
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The Dangers of Mounting Ag Tires

Even for experts, tires can be dangerous. At Dawson Tire and Wheel we take safety incredibly seriously. Caleb, a tire expert with 6+ years under his belt, recently had a large tire explode while filling it with air. 

In this video Eric, DTW's CEO, takes some time to educate everyone about the dangers of damaged beads, how to check for potential issues, and proper safety procedures for mounting and airing up ag tires!

How to Value Tires on Trade-Ins

Assigning the right value to used equipment is key to moving it off your lot, but how closely are you paying attention to the tires on the trades you take in? The condition and value of the tires on a piece of used machinery could have a big impact on whether or not you get it sold. 

For this reason, Dawson Tire and Wheel has partnered with Farm Equipment to give you an all access pass to some of our most valued knowledge. We hosted a live webinar that you can watch below! You now have the opportunity to learn directly from our Great Lakes' Sales Manager, Terry Morris, and our guest speaker!

Irrigation Insight 

Curious about modern technology in the irrigation world? Watch our video to learn about the difference between Bias and Radial pivot tires. 

Key Understandings:

Bias Tires

  • Belt package is put in across the tire bead to bead 
  • It has a rounded profile
  • This tire flexes parallel with the ground

Radial Tires

  • Introduced in 2013
  • Belt package is applied radially, meaning around the tire
  • Has a flat profile 
  • When this tire flexes, it does so vertically (this allows less dirt and mud go be pushed out, which creates a wider rut) 



Moving Iron Podcast:

Is listening more your style? Tag along with us as we discuss anything and everything having to do with the Ag Industry.

Here we join creator of Moving Iron, LLC., visionary, and industry voice, Casey Seymour as he brings leading sources together to discuss all areas of the Agricultural Industry.    

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Tire Tips:

Please take a moment to browse some of the information prepared by our tire experts to learn more about how tires can affect your equipment and processes:


10 Considerations for Finding the Right Farm Equipment Tires (PDF)

8 Keys to Quality in Ag Tires (PDF)

Field Test: Trelleborg vs. Firestone (PDF)

Tips to Extend Tire Life (PDF)


More questions? Contact us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable Ag tire experts!