What to Look for in Used Tires

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May 11, 2022 3:00:00 PM PDT May 11, 2022 3:00:00 PM PDTth, May 11, 2022 3:00:00 PM PDT

Need tires for a secondary piece of equipment, or looking to purchase a set of backup tires? Buying used ag tires is a great way to find replacement or spare tires while saving money. But how do you know if the used tires you’re looking at are worth their price or going to last?

Evaluating used tires isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Here are a few things to look for when purchasing used tires.

Evaluate Tread Depth

A tire in good condition should have more than 70% tread left. There are other obvious signs of wear and tear to look out for, such as scratching on the tread and cuts on the sidewall but start by evaluating tread depth.

Condition of Tires

Used tires are going to come with some wear and tear. They are used, after all. But a little bit of wear and tear is nothing to be concerned about. It’s the cracks and breaks and stubble damage you need to look out for.


Cracks and Breaks

Any cracking or breaking near the tire shoulders or signs of cracking and breaking suggest the tire has been overloaded or underinflated and may not be the most reliable purchase.

Cracks in the sidewall or lower section of the tire could be a sign of dry rot. Dry rot is common in old or underused tires, so be wary. Tires with dry rot can break apart while driving. Usually, tires older than six years are susceptible to dry rot, but dry rot can happen sooner.

Stubble Damage

Stubble Damage. You’ve seen this. You know this. Stubble chips away little bits and pieces of tire, so be on the lookout for any stubble damage on the used tires you consider.

Age and Deformation

Always check the age of a tire when buying used tires. The year of manufacture is indicated on the sidewall.

Look for deformation on the sidewall. Deformations mean the tire is weak and may fail due to heavy load weights or high tire pressure.

There are many nuances to look for when examining used tires, but one thing to remember when buying used tires is value. A bigger, more expensive tire when new is still worth more when used. Before you purchase a used tire, check the value and price of that tire when new to make sure you are getting a fair price.

If you still have questions about used tires after a thorough inspection, call Dawson Tire to speak to an expert. You can also purchase used tires from us. We have an extensive used inventory, and every used tire we sell has 70% or more of its original tread and comes with a valuation.