Agriculture Tire Size Options

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There are many different tire size options for your tractor. When purchasing new tires for your tractor, it’s important to know the kind of tires you need. Unlike car tires, agriculture tires are not one size fits all. With that in mind, make sure you have all the information necessary before purchasing agricultural tires. We put together some information about ag tire size options, so keep on reading to learn more.

R1, R3, and R4 Tires

When considering the various tire size options, it’s important to know the role of the tractor. R1 tires are primarily used for farming on dry land or soil and have the most aggressive traction of the three. They’re versatile and can handle nearly any task. R3 tires are also known as turf tires and are best for compact utility tractors. An example where you might use R3 tires is while working on the lawn. R4 tires have a tread depth between R1 and R3. They’re tires are commonly used in roadwork. R1 tires are typically known as agriculture tires because they offer the best traction for farming. R1W is another option specifically designed to work in wet or sticky soil.

RCI Chart

Understanding how to read the RCI chart, you can choose between the many agriculture tire size options. The rolling circumference index chart, or RCI chart, is the distance traveled by a tire in one revolution. The RCI puts tires in a category based on overall diameter and rolling circumference along with the width and row spacing. All sizes in one row are nearly the same outside diameter. All sizes in one column are nearly the same width.

Bias-Ply Versus Radial

When considering the various agriculture tire size options, it’s important to know the difference between radial tires and bias-ply tires. Bias-ply utilizes cords within the tire that are strung at an angle. Radial tires, unlike bias-ply tires, keep their cords in one direction. Radial tires offer the best traction; however, bias-ply tires are tougher and typically less expensive.

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