When the water rises, people rise to the occasion.

This spring brought disaster for many in the heartland. Meteorologists called it a “bomb cyclone.” They said not to worry too much, because the word “bomb” referred to a quick, explosive storm formation — not the destruction the storm would cause. 

Tell that to the ranchers in Western Nebraska and South Dakota who lost calves in as much as 20” of snow and with winds up to 80 miles per hour.

Tell it to the farmers in Eastern Nebraska, Iowa and the surrounding areas who watched their outbuildings and livestock wash away in the floodwaters. Tell it to the townsfolk in the region who evacuated their homes and returned to find much of their world covered in mud and silt.

It devastated tens of thousands of lives, but most of those people will pick themselves up and go back to work. Ranchers will return to care for their remaining animals. Farmers will dial familiar numbers and order seed corn in spite of losing their topsoil to the flow of floodwaters.


Is it courage, faith or humility? Maybe it’s boundless optimism, bullheaded stubbornness or just because it’s the only thing they know to do. It’s probably a combination of it all.

Frankly, this kind of character is increasingly hard to find in other industries. But agriculture is different. It changes you.

Ag forces you to reckon with the reality that much of your livelihood is totally out of your control. Just because you plant seed doesn’t mean there will be a crop. An animal that weighs several times more than you doesn’t have to do what you ask. Still, we plant and we deal with the livestock. Ag teaches the value of persistence. 

Ag also makes you appreciate having your family close to you. It makes you value the little things in a way unfamiliar to those who place material possessions on a higher plane.

At Dawson Tire and Wheel, we do. We understand. And we greatly appreciate the small part that we get to play in your life. We appreciate all of the things we can learn from your grit, determination, confidence and tenacity. It’s inspiring, and we’re thankful every day that you let us be a part of your lives.

Eric MacPherson, Founder & Owner of Dawson Tire & Wheel 

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